NUS Aquathon

What is Aquathon?

It is the NUS team that engages in a sport like a triathlon but without the biking. We swim 800 meters, rush out of the water, jam shoes on our feet, and then run dripping wet for 5 kilometers. It’s quite exciting. I’m not really sure why they call the team that because they call the event a biathlon. 🙂

When are the events/ how often do they occur?

This is the competition season, so they have several over the next two months.

Why does Aquathon interest you and how did you get involved?

I thought they were the swim team, but I guess it’s not swim season. But they forgave me for that mistake and invited me to swim with them anyway. Swimming is the bomb and running is okay.

How many people are involved?

It’s pretty relaxed, and everyone has a lot going on with school, so it’s hard to tell, but maybe 40ish people on the NUS team?

Have you been training hard to do these events?

Not nearly as hard as some of the others. They asked me about running with them and I considered it until they said they were doing 14 kilometers.

How would you feel about people coming to an Aquathon event to cheer you on?

Really, really self-conscious.

Who might be interested in pursuing these events?

People who like being active, while hanging out with some cool Singaporeans.

What would you say to someone who says “I wouldn’t be able to do it”?

Most people on the team are much stronger in one half, so there are people at all levels in both areas, so you should definitely try it!

What would you say to someone who says “Aquathon is for dorks”?

Teehee, that’s probably true.

What is your secret to success as an athlete?



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