Singapore Experience Amazing Race – LKYSPP Edition

Following Semester 1’s Cultural Night, the MPP Senior and Junior Class Committees joined forces once again and organized the first-ever “Singapore Experience Amazing Race – LKYSPP Edition,” which involved eleven teams of five members each from both MPP classes.

The race was launched at 3pm, when all teams had to create a rhyme that had to be sung at the different stations of the race. So after our team FAAWK (Fabi, Aditi, Anu, Will and Kathy, all MPP 09/11) shouted ours, we received our first clue. Thanks to Captain Anu, we quickly deciphered the hint and headed off immediately to Lau Pa Sat in the Central Business District.

Arriving there, station marshal Henry instructed us to find and bring to him a serving of Indian rojak and to name the ingredients. This was hardly a challenge and we proceeded rather quickly. Actually, Will enjoyed the dish so much, that he took it with him; I have rarely seen such a graceful athlete, who manages to gorge down rojak and jog at the same time!

Up next was the second challenge along the Fat Bird route, where station marshal Fausto was waiting with his history puzzle. That was the point where we first met our most fierce competitors – Team Lupton. After solving the puzzle and taking a few shots of the sculpture of children along Clarke Quay and St. Andrew’s Cathedral, we moved on towards the underground passage near the Esplanade.

At this stop, the most gruesome challenge was waiting for us. Courtesy of station marshal Martin sitting comfortably next to monks and performers, he “offered” everyone’s favorite fruit – durian! In order to complete this challenge, every team member had to eat at least one piece… so we did. Taking the first bite, I instantly knew why the look and the smell of this fruit warned you to stay away. All I could say was that I wished Will had not finished the Indian rojak yet, as we were all looking desperately for something to eat, which apparently for some ‘tastes like heaven’, despite ‘smelling like hell’.

While trying to get rid of the durian taste in our mouths, we headed on to the fourth challenge at the National Library. Station marshal JT awaited us with a more intellectual task: ten questions related to Singapore’s history. As no iPhones or other devices were allowed to aid us in answering questions, we went old school and physically visited a library! Thanks to the current exhibition (S. Rajaratnam: The Singapore Lion) at the library, we managed to get all the answers and we were sent off to the final stage.

We ran to the Singapore Management University campus to face the most physically demanding challenge: using a sponge to fill up a water bottle. We proved that muscles and creativity were a great combination, so we did not only use the sponge to transport water, but Will also sacrificed any kind of oral hygiene and literally carried a mouthful of water to finish this challenge.

Having completed all five required challenges, we took some more pictures of Cathay Cinema and Sir Stamford Raffles statue before heading back to College Green. However, arriving at Dunearn Road, we had to face the ugly truth: Team Lupton crossed the finish line before us! Nevertheless, I knew for sure that Team FAAWK and the other participants had a great time with the MPP version of The Amazing Race. Thanks to this race, I have discovered some new sites to a city, which I have learned to appreciate even more.

— by Fabian Suwanprateep (MPP 09/11)


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