LKYSPP goes to UWC…

A group of Master in Public Policy (MPP) students initiated a Disaster Risk Awareness program for Grade 5 students of the United World College of Southeast Asia (UWC) on February 12th. The program was part of the donation drive initiated by the MPP students for the victims of the earthquake at Haiti, which claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Haitians and left the capital city in ruins. To date, the group was able to collect almost S$2,000, which would be sent through Partners in Health (PIH), a non-profit healthcare organization that has undertaken medical care work in Haiti for over twenty years.

The MPP students decided to take their relief efforts to the next level by spreading and increasing awareness of what happened in Haiti, the international community’s response, and the students’ role in helping the victims of tragedy. Aside from increasing awareness, the objectives of the Disaster Risk Awareness program was also to motivate the UWC students to care about social issues and empower them to believe and take actions during times of need, especially through the Global Concerns Program in their school.

The Disaster Risk Awareness program that ran for an hour consisted of two major games, where the students actively participated. The jeopardy game tested the Grade 5 students’ knowledge about Haiti, general information about natural disasters, their school’s aid response to Haiti, and basic facts about international aid. On the other hand, the simulation game, which was the highlight of the activity, gave the Grade 5 students the chance to act as donor agencies to Haiti and decide on their priorities given their financial limitations.

Through the guidance of the MPP students, the children were able to relate their experiences regarding the process of giving international aid, the difficulties they encounter and the challenges of giving and making aid work. It was a most worthwhile afternoon, both for the students of UWC and LKYSPP – an afternoon of learning and fun, but most of all, an afternoon of sharing with each other a common sense of empathy.

The group of MPP students includes Aditi Rao, Ann Kwan, Bernard Oh, Chinie Canivel, Eva Riddell, Juvy Danofrata, Mayecor Sar, Seher Abbas, Simran Singh, Y Lee Song, Zak Yuson and Zanele Hlatshwayo.


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