LKYSPP Football Teams at the Law League

Semester 2 is alive and kicking! And so is the second leg of the Law Faculty Football League at the NUS Bukit Timah Campus! The league is organized by the Law Faculty and has seven participating teams – five from the Law Faculty and two from LKYSPP (MPP Juniors and MPP Seniors). The MPP Seniors won the league last year and emerged as the champions of Bukit Timah!

The Seniors

The Seniors started their season smoothly with a 2-1 victory over Law One, the first year law students’s team. Despite the heavy rain, the Seniors performed solid defense and determination. Two goals, one each from Saroj Dhakal and Azamat Ababakirov, gave the Seniors the victory in the match.

The second match on February 27th was an unfortunate defeat for the Seniors against Law Two, the second year law students’ team. As some players were unable to play, the team faced a hard time. The game was tied 1-1 at half time, and the Seniors lost 2-5. John Mannion and Justinas Pagyris scored one goal each for the Seniors.

The Juniors

The Juniors had a rough start this season. In the game against Law Four, the fourth yearlaw students’ team, the Juniors lost 1-2, the second loss for the Juniors this year.

However, the Juniors managed to make a come back and win their second match. Playing against Law Three, the third year law students’ team, Fausto Valle and Chea Kok Hong scored a goal each for the Juniors, winning with the score 2-0.

The Juniors played their third match on March 4th against Law Two. Team Captain Fausto Valle joined the spectator’s line still recovering from injury from their last match. Fabian Suwanprateep, former captain of the team, came back from his shoulder injury he incurred in the first semester. The Juniors started the match aggressively and pushed for goals right from the beginning to gain momentum. Mayecor Sar scored the first goal for the Juniors only five minutes after the match started and Liban Ali added another goal in the first half, which ended at 2-0.

The second half got more intense. Law Two managed to push back and scored two goals. Anxiety started creeping in the team and their supporters. Would it be another blow for the Juniors? Was it time for us to give up the hope to win the league? Alex Tilman saved the day and scored another goal for the Juniors, giving them a 3-2 victory.

The Juniors and the Seniors both have a few more games to play before the league ends this semester. Keep posted for announcements of future matches and their results.

Support our LKYSPP Junior and Senior Football Teams!

– by Ambar Widiastuti (MPP 2009 – 11)



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