Earth Hour 2010 @ LKYSPP and CG

Lights were turned off from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the Bukit Timah Campus and at College Green over the weekend, as the LKYSPP school community joined the rest of the world in observance of Earth Hour 2010.

The Oei Tiong Ham, Manasseh Meyer, and Li Ka Shing buildings were engulfed in darkness as unessential lights were switched off at BTC. At the same time, lights along the covered walks, the multi-purpose hall, and the playing courts at College Green were turned off.

The Oei Tiong Ham Building before & during the Earth Hour

While CG was in the dark and with only candles lighting up the basketball court, residents at CG gathered together as Sheila Tario (MPP 08/10) and Prio Sambodho (MPP 08/10) and Gerda Diniute (NUS Law) provided acoustic entertainment, while fellow students sang on and partook of the modest food and refreshments served.

Earth Hour 2010 Celebrations at College Green

The Earth Hour Online Pledge kept on receiving expressions of commitment from LKYSPP students and faculty, including Associate Professor Kenneth Paul Tan, Senior Lecturer Suzaina Kadir, and Associate Professor Shreekant Gupta.

Aside from switching off the lights for Earth Hour, LKYSPP students pledged to use less aircon, take public transportation, and recycle, among others. But more importantly, students pledged to make it their commitment to be more eco-conscious and efficient in energy consumption in their daily lives.

As the hour ended and lights turned back on, it is our hope to make Earth Hour, Every Hour at LKYSPP and CG. Let us all live up to our pledge and make it happen.


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