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Some of the world’s foremost political minds, economists, diplomats and business leaders visit LKYSPP throughout the year. Writing for LKYSPPeak, will give you an opportunity to meet speakers like Wolfgang Schüssel, Matti Vanhanen, Surin Pitsuwan, Jagdish Bhagwati, Tony Blair, Mohammad Yunus and P. Chidambaram and if you are lucky, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew himself. You will have a chance to engage in active dialogues with imminent speakers and gauge public opinion and the views of your peers in your writings, analysis and commentary.

  • To join us: Just mail us your resume and a sample of your writing to schedule a meeting with the Editor in Chief and the Editorial Board.
  • Contributing editors If you are interested to write for us but are unable to fulfill the commitments of being a full time editor, feel free to contact us expressing interest concerning the same. Additionally, the editorial board is happy to discuss your ideas with you and inform you about guidelines and requirements for making a submission to the newsletter.

Please check this page for detailed profiles of opportunities at a later date. We will also intimate you about the same through an e-mail.


Q. How long will I have to work for LKYSPPeak?

We recruit members to the editorial team on a commitment of completing at least one semester of active service for the newsletter. Most editors usually continue for two years. There is no stipulated requirement in terms of hours per week, apart from the requirement to meet deadlines and quality standards.

Q. Is the LKYSPPeak a lot of work?

Since there is a lot of decentralization and each editor is required to focus on a particular task it is not a “lot of work”. With proper co-ordination and time management editors, find that the work is enjoyable and worth the effort.

Q. There is so much happening on campus; why should I join LKYSPPeak?

Simply put, LKYSPPeak is the only student-centric newsletter on campus. As a young enterprise, there is a lot of scope for incorporation of good ideas and contributions from editors. The informal approach to the formal tasks of writing & publishing helps student understand their workplaces better. The newsletter is a productive and meaningful outlet to your creative energies as well as a break from the usually hectic academic schedule. We are certain that our editors will look back at their days with LKYSPPeak with fond memories.


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