Stories from Abroad (Part I): Louisa’s Exchange Story

MPP Juniors! Are you guys interested in having an exchange semester program abroad or even a double-degree? If yes, this “Stories from Abroad” series might be a must-read for you, where some LKY MPP Seniors share their experiences in having their time abroad. Here is the first story from Loiusa Zhang who does an exchange program at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Enjoy and leave comments to tell what you think!



Geneva’s a beautiful place and is quite chill which suits me well. The Graduate Institute of Geneva is a good school to be on exchange, with great professors, and short classes (1h45min per class per week). This gives me time to pursue and internship concurrently. Being home to a myriad multilateral organizations, being on exchange in Geneva gives you a great opportunity to work in one of them at no extra cost (and no extra salary because most internships are unpaid). But the cost of living is of course one of the highest in the world, but the clean air, cheap forage and limitless opportunities make up for it.


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